Mila Kunis accused of stealing a chicken name Doggie

Mila Kunis, once named Sexiest Woman Alive in Esquire Magazine, is being sued by an aspiring singer who claims the former That 70s Show star stole her pet chicken.

And oh yes, that stolen chicken was name doggie.

The story was first in TMZ but has since been picked up elsewhere. We only care because there was a chicken involved–and can we mention again that chicken’s name? Doggie.

Kristina Karo is the woman claiming that Kunis stole her pet chicken when the actor was then seven-years-old. Karo thinks that slight is worth $5,000.

That loss caused her emotional trauma, according to Karo.

Kunis, 31, is now counter-suing claiming Karo was a mere one-month-old baby when the alleged theft took place.

In a video, Kunis and her fiance Ashton Kucher are claiming they’ve suffered emotional trauma from having watched Karo’s music video.

Karo said in her suit that living in Los Angeles now as she pursues her career has brought back the distress of losing Doggie the chicken.

Here’s the response from Kunis and Kucher:


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