Missing cattle case cracked; the animals were never lost

Oops. Well, this is a little embarrassing. The rancher who reported 59 cattle stolen to RCMP earlier this month prompting a ground and air search in central Alberta, as well as enlisting the help of investigators over three provinces, now says he made a clerical error.

Corporal David Heaslip told The Canadian Press that officers spent three days checking cattle identification tags, counting how many animals went to market only to find that while 59 heifers vanished, the same number of steers were bought. He told CP the owner was a bit sheepish once he realized he counted the numbers twice and the heifers had never been stolen.

“Although he feels pretty bad, I phoned him a couple times and told him not to worry about it, it’s just a mistake and it worked out for the better,” Heaslip told CP.

h/t Huffington Post Photo RCMP

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