Ollie, the bobcat, on the lam after escaping from Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Ollie, a female bobcat, is on the loose after escaping from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo early this morning.

The approximately 25 lb. bobcat was last counted at 7:30 a.m. this morning by a keeper.

Keepers do routine checks of all animals at the zoo first thing in the morning. At 10:40 a.m. keepers called the bobcats for their morning feeding and Ollie did not respond.

Officials conducted an immediate search and have not located the bobcat.

Now staff at the zoo are taking several measures to attract Ollie back to her enclosure. It is believed that she may return to her familiar grounds for food and shelter. Zoo staff are keeping the area around the bobcat exhibit closed because the bobcat will likely stay hidden from humans. Ollie is wild born and estimated to be almost seven years old.

There is no imminent danger to zoo guests or general public as bobcats are not known to be aggressive to humans. But still, the zoo is warning anyone who comes into contact with Ollie to not approach her.

Photo credit: Barbara Statas, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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