Meatless Monday: Gillian Anderson serves up own leg in PETA ad for Thanksgiving

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New Yorker writer Emily Nussbaum in a review of the TV show Hannibal once made reference to the conspicuous consumption of meat.

One scene was so outlandish that Nussbaum said it served as a stark contrast to the viewer’s sensibilities.

It also felt like a reminder of the show’s own double consciousness about what it means to watch from a distance, to admit that we’re voyeurs who enjoy foie gras and veal. (There are moments when one suspects the show is sponsored by PETA.)

Hannibal’s creator Bryan Fuller, a pescatarian, has fulfilled that prophecy with an ad by PETA starring one of the show’s star, Gillian Anderson.

The short 30 second clip is a message, geared in time for American Thanksgiving about not eating meat.

It’s a bit gruesome but that’s because everything is in your imagination. The reality is what you see plays a trick on you with music, words and framing.

Still, you should watch this on an empty stomach and with the lights on.

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