Screaming, frantic puppies get stuck hopelessly in tar for hours as rescuers tried to free them

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Three puppies got stuck in rock solid tar at a construction site in India and they could have been left there to die but their frantic cries saved them when rescuers worked tirelessly to loosen them enough to get them freed.

The three mixed puppies were street dogs in India and somehow wandered into a pool of tar.

One puppy got stuck with her mouth open where the congealed tar solidified making it impossible for the dog to close her mouth. Her siblings were also wedge in by their bellies into the tar.

But fortunately, workers with Animal Aid Unlimited managed to lift the puppies still encased in the tar out of the ground. Workers than tirelessly softened the tar and bathed the puppies with oil to remove all the black stuff.

It’s painful to watch and hear as the puppies cry. But go to the end. We promise, it’s worth it.

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