Tuesday Critter Lessons: Monkey adopts stray dog proving life’s better when someone is looking out for you

These amazing photos tell a pretty big Critter Lesson: show compassion and the payoff is inspiring.

This was posted on the Logical Indian Facebook page:

Here is something to learn from this monkey.

There was a strange phenomenon seen on common busy street. A monkey adopted a pup out of sheer compassion. And he protects the pup from other stray dogs. Seeing this amazing inter- species relationship and love from this guardian Monkey they were given food and there also the Monkey makes sure the pup is stomach full before eating himself.

This is amazing example shown by the nature and there is lot to learn from this.

Let us all be moved by love and compassion.

 Some of the comments on this story, which has circulated worldwide, have expressed skepticism, but most have been charmed by the sight of this unusual critter pairing.
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 6.19.46 PM


h/t: Logical Indian Facebook

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